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Americans purchase products every day in stores and online, expecting them to be available or show up on our doorsteps the next morning. We carry a quiet confidence that we can get what we want precisely when we want it. It is all because a truck made it happen.

Trucking has always been America’s backbone, but remember, it has come a long way. Like many successful industries, the trucking industry has evolved and embraced the values important to Americans, like safety, innovation, and environmental responsibility.

There are countless real, human stories of those who sacrifice their time for our comfort. Whether it’s the holidays or the middle of the night, truckers guarantee we get every want and need. The men and women who work in the trucking industry are the unsung heroes who keep the heart of America beating strong.

Nothing Without Trucking tells the story of trucking, an essential industry for America’s growth and a key player in innovation.

America can’t function or thrive without the trucking industry.

Trucking has instilled a quiet confidence in every American that we can effortlessly get what we want, precisely when we want it.

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Not just truckers. Providers.

Providing for our families and yours. Millions of hardworking and patriotic men and women choose careers in the trucking industry to provide for their own families and ensure yours receives what they need when they need it.



of U.S. communities rely exclusively on trucking to receive their goods


of drivers are from underrepresented communities


people employed in trucking-related jobs


of all U.S. freight is moved by trucks


of pollutants have been eliminated from truck tailpipes over the last 40 years

Trucking has made America what it is today, while evolving and becoming more innovative.

America’s highways, roads, bustling cities, and thriving communities are shaped by the enduring presence of trucks on the road. As we look to the future, the trucking industry, like every other great American sector, embraces safety, efficiency, innovation, and environmental responsibility to serve our nation steadfastly.


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